My Lync 2010 and Lync Mobile Experience Using Delta’s Inflight GOGO WIFI


Just on the flight from eastcoast to Redmond I had a chance to play with Lync on the Delta GOGO in flight WIFI.

As a good geek I immediately test the up/download speed using Below are the results:

  • 276ms ping time
  • .25MB Down
  • .25MB Up

Delta's Gogo  service was $12.95 for the flight, or $30.00 for a month.

Lync 2010 IM and presence worked fine. I placed a peer-to-peer voice call and the remote party (upload) got a choppy call experience, but the audio coming my way was just fine.

Lync Mobile for WindowsPhone seemed reasonably snappy. (as snappy as 3G?) Seeing contact list presence, changing your own status and carrying on an IM conversation (and seeing other user is typing indicator) seems to work fine. All seemed to work just like on 3G with similar apparent performance. This is likely due to the low bandwidth requirements Microsoft designed Lync Mobile to work on. See my article on “Analyzing Data Usage on Lync Mobile” by clicking here

Hmmm, looks like VoIP apps not allowed on Gogo®, at least not in flight, as show below. TThat’s interesting.


Final Geeky note: In my testing I did notice that gogo inflight does NOT allow 2 devices to be connected at the same time. (no surprises, but one always hopes...;-)

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