Feedback From the Field: Challenges & Solutions Using Lync Phone Edition in Very Heavy Enterprise Voice Scenarios


The Lync Phone Edition devices (Aries devices specifically: Polycom CX600/HP4120/Aastra6725ip/etc) are a very compelling group of IP Desk phone devices in collaborative office scenarios. They are very integrated into the Lync experience (Better Together), very easy to use and very easy to setup.

In very heavy Enterprise Voice scenarios it is good to keep an eye on some of the below items. (Some of the below items are setting expectations correctly for those coming from PBX key systems.) So, with no further ado and not necessarily in order of importance…

  • 2nd incoming call will "interrupt" (take the attention away) from what you are doing
    • you can press ignore and you will be back to your dialing/etc.
    • snom UC Edition does not exhibit this “attention grabbing” behavior (sorry about the awful pun there)
    • Following the “only ring when relevant” principle when using Response Groups may help this scenario, but not entirely since Lync presence is not aware that person is “Dialing”. Dialing from Lync 2010 client can side step this issue.
  • Transferring call experience is less than optimal (up to 7-10 button presses)
    • Those doing frequent call transfer will want to use Lync Attendant
    • Or, for those wanting a very traditional experience, the  snom UC Edition (snom 370 with extension module)
  • 2nd incoming call (call waiting) "beep beep" volume and on/off is not configurable
    • Lync 2010 client sound for 2nd call is configurable
    • Once again, following the “only ring when relevant” principle when using Response Groups can mitigate this issue
  • When dialing/calling, others don't see your presence as "In A Call" till the call is connected so Attendant may send user a call when another one is in progress
    • snom UC Edition devices can set your presence to “In A Call” when receiver picked up
  • PBX keys system users will want to note that other users will not be able to see when your phone is ringing, only when you are in a connected call
  • Currently the LPE  does not provide definable MOH when you press HOLD
  • LPE Devices Do Not Have 1 Button "Buddy" and Overhead Page Dialing
  • Does not have Intercom (phone to phone 2 way audio without called party needing to pickup) to another extension or Lync Client
  • Consult transfer requires the user to not hangup till the transfer is complete.
    • Once again, the Consult Transfer experience is best using the Lync Attendant console
  • When Answering Response Group calls, there is a delay before user can start speaking
  • Not possible to do a “Safe Transfer” with an Aries device (safe transfer = call is transferred back if to transferer if person transferred to does not pick up.)
    • Currently the Lync 2010 Attendant and snom UC edition devices can do a Safe Transfer.
  • RESOLVED! - No Transfer Directly to Voicemail
    • Update has brought transfer to Voicemail functionality to LPE. Click Here
    • Lync Attendant and snom UC Edition can transfer to directly to Voicemail.
  • The PC connected to the “PC Port” (using the embedded LPE switch) will only connect to the default VLAN. The embedded switch will not pass VLAN tags through the switch to the PC
    • snom 821 and Polycom VVX500 seem to pass these tags fine.
  • The LPE devices do not support USB/Bluetooth Headsets
    • snom 720/760 and Polycom VVX500 do support select USB Headsets.
    • Snom: Click Here
    • Polycom: Click Here

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