Understanding Microsoft Lync and Telco Caller ID Number and Name Handling


Microsoft Lync 2010 can set the Caller ID Number. It can set the caller ID as the extension calling or an alternative number. For more details click here.

Caller Name in PSTN Cloud Scenario

The first step in making sure Caller ID Name works correctly is your telephone company needs to submit your Name to a (one or more) database(s) used by the destination telephone company's.

If the call is traversing the PSTN cloud, the Caller ID Name (or display name) is the responsibility of the person being called’s telephone company. Their telephone company looks up the number provided in their database and displays text accordingly to their customer.

NOTE: Remember that many PBX’s and mobile phones do contact name lookup, overriding the telco’s name presentation. Because of this, the best way to test Caller ID Name presentation is to call a plain-Jane, vanilla Caller ID phone.

Caller Name in Federation/SIP Direct Scenarios

In these scenario Lync is responsible for passing on the Caller Name.

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