Screen Shots of snomONE Windows Client By 3rd Party Developer #snom @snom

Dial your phone from PC. Also copy and paste dialing.

Set DND status.

Easily access features by simple menu instead of hard to remember star codes.

snom has committed to developing a Windows-based PC client for snom ONE. This is slated end of year 2011. In the interim Landis Computer (fair disclosure: company owned by me.) is developing a basic Windows client for snomONE. Starting out this client will have very basic features: 

  • Dialing (allowing copy and paste dialing)
  • Easy menu access to features like ListenIn, Intercom etc.
  • Set DND status
  • Note that contacts are manually entered and can be anything you want.
This is first round features. Yes, they are basic. But we wanted to deliver a client available VERY SOON that delivers immediate benefits. We will announce roadmap of features soon.

More notes:
  • This client connects at the PBX level and controls the extension/deskphone it is registered as
Expect this client available in 1 week in BETA form. If you like this effort—please comment.
Have a great weekend.

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