ATT Store Rep Tells Me "WindowsPhone Is Very Hard to Use" #wp7

I believe AT&T and Microsoft have some serious work  to do. Today I called my local ATT Store here in Ephrata Pennsylvania. I asked if they carry Windows Phones. His answer:

Rep: "We do not carry the Windows Phone because it is not popular..."

Me: "Why?"

Rep: "They are kind of hard to use if you haven't used them before---"

Me: "Why are they hard to use?"

Rep: "They are just very hard to get used to at first---it is also some personal preference"

Ahem! Do I get the very distinct feeling this mobile phone salesman never even saw a Windows Phone in action? Hard to use?!

And remember he told this to someone who is actively and ONLY looking to buy a Windows Phone!

Microsoft: AT&T's sales reps need training very bad.
ATT: Train your sales reps.

PS- Another freind who experienced the exact same thing:


Since our local store did not stock a Windows Phone I headed in person to the Lancaster AT&T store. But first I decided to call and make sure they knew something about Windows Phone and...right on the menu it says that AT&T sells "Android, iPhone and Windows phones".

When I arrive at the the store I notice there is no display for Wp7--they are actually under a poster for Android. I asked "What can you tell me about Windows Phone?" The helpful sales lady responds "They are new and I just got back from vacation so I actually don't know much about them but Travis can help". Next I talk to Travis who is the store expert on Windows Phone 7.

Me: "What can  you tell me about Windows Phone" I asked Travis.

Travis: "Well, Android is powerful and can do flash and Windows is simple and not powerful."

Me: "Anything more?"

Travis: "Well Windows phone is simple and they have these tiles..." He went on to demonstrate how you can easily remove one. "Windows phone is simple for people that just want to get in and do stuff. Android is best because it is powerful and does flash, Windows phone is in between and iPhone is worst." Then he noted an insider tip "Sometime an update called Mango is going to come out and will improve Windows phone. I had a Focus but I got an Android to do flash."

Me: "I'll take the HTC HD7S along."

I just talked to the most knowledgeable AT&T Windows Phone expert in Lancaster. And his advice? Get an Android.

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