Thanks for Recommending the 3CX IP PBX Tutorial Book Orlin Shopov #3CX

A new user was struggling with the 3CX Windows PBX and 3CX forum user Orlin Shopov gave this excellent recommendation:
Read the admin manual or try searching the internet for the book  'The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial' - it can be very useful...
Okay, so I admit I am the co-author of the 3CX IP PBX Tutorial along with Robert Lloyd. And, yes, I guess I'm a little biased here. ;-) But may I recommend if you need 3CX you  check with ?

Also if you are looking for consulting or technical support related to 3CX, Microsoft Lync Server 2010 or the Windows based snom ONE PBX let my company know!

Get the book at Amazon:



  1. Shouldn't you as the writer of a 3CX book offer migrations TO 3CX and not away?

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    We do very few migrations. But in some cases where the site needs improved stability or a feature not in 3CX it may be appropriate as you point out.

    We've seen some migrations to snom ONE and Microsoft Lync. Clients typically drive migrations.


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