Using the Patton Smartnode 4960 With snom ONE and Comcast PRI (USA)

We just implemented a Patton Smartnode 4960 on an exsisting snomONE PBX implementation. The installation went quite smoothly (with just a little help from Patton's execellent support). We thought we would share the SN4960 configuration so anyone else doing it could move ahead even faster.

Download it here:

Here is how the trunk is setup in snom ONE pbx:

You may also want to see Patton Config Tool:

Most Recommended PSTN Gateway Report:


  1. Hey Matt,
    I have a very similar deployment, just replace Snom One with Lync. Looking at the config file it looks very similiar, but I've been trying to troubleshoot a few minor issues, wanted to see if you had done any work with the smartnode 4960 and Lync to see if you had any advice. Thanks.

  2. Benjamin,
    Yes, we have Patton 4960 at a Lync site as well. I'd like to share experience because we want to write a guide. Do you have a lync uri we can connect with? you can send it to me at sales (at) landiscomputer (dot) com.

  3. Matt,
    Thanks for the quick reply, we don't have the edge service role deployed but my email is in my blogger profile, I'll also send an email to


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