Hands On Look at the Polycom CX600 Lync Deskphone

Just spent a little time with the Polycom CX600 deskphone.

-Sits very solidly on your desk (very grippy feet--very nice)
-"Better Together" USB tether is very nifty
-Adjustable tilt has an interesting mechanism to

-You may need to wait a while till the unit logs into your Lync Server
-Without the "Better Together" tether--not simple to provision just one of these

Lync Phone Edition VS snom OCS Edition?

Lync Phone Edition Pros:
-Better Together USB Tether
-Better large scale builtin provisioning
-RTaudio codec a big plus
-The firmware/screen responds very snappy-nice
-Very easy to use and logical User Interface (looks very cool to boot)
-3 angles of tilt

snom 821 Pros:
-Connect to standard SIP or Lync
-Connect to SIP and Lync at the same time
-Key pad on snom 821 bigger and more solid feel (perhaps my opinion?)
-Web based administration makes for simpler provisioning (if you don't have "Better Together" usb)
-ability to change presence from the deskphone
-Dedicated "Call" and "Hangup" buttons (compared to cx600's soft keys)
-WIFI option


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