Can I Use Lync Over Mobile Data? (Virgin Mobile MIFI) #lync #virginmobile

I've been wondering how Lync will work over mobile data plan and finally got a moment to do some tests. On this blog I'll share some notes from my testing of Lync over our Virgin Mobile MIFI unit.
The quality is not perfect but usable.
People I called said it was better than cell phone quality.
I would occasionally get Lync poor signal message.
Perhaps a squawk here and there.
Bear in mind that we are in Lancaster County Pennsylvania (definitely not a metro ;-)
Presence and IM will be NO problem.

I'm curious what your experience with Lync over mobile data plan has been?

PS-I just got a Zoom MIFI that works with AT&T and will need to test it there as well.

PSS-Jasco has done some analysis of Lync over high latency satellite connections. You might want to read their report here.

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