snom Releases Windows Tray App To Assist With Lync/OCS Active Directory Password Changes #snom #lync

One of the challenges with Lync Server is that if the Active Directory password changes this needs to be changed in the handset/deskphone for that user as well. Desk phone hardware that uses Lync Phone Edition (like Polycom and Aastra) has several methods of addressing this issue. If you are using the "Better Together" USB tether on Lync Phone Edition it will pop up a notice on the PC to enter the credentials.

Phone makers that are using their own firmware do not have this option. Jan Boguslawski, OCS edition product manager at snom, does a good job of covering in this post some of the authentication methods that can be used with Lync.
snom has released a small Windows tray app that runs on the PC to assist with updating the snom handset registration password when Active Directory password changes. You can get it below.
See snom KB/Wiki Article and Download App Below:

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