3CX Phone System News Update: New Book, CRM Integration

I've been soo busy with Microsoft Lync that I'll admit I have missed some important news from the 3CX world--so here is an update!

Kerry Garrison has written the official book on 3CX and he recently has updated it to include version 10. He notes on the official 3CX blog that there are 30 more pages and it some other improvements along with new features of v10 of course. The price is $24.99 so it is certainly affordable and you can order it here. Congratulations Kerry on the new edition!

3CX has also released a new CRM integration module that integrates Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Sage Act! to the 3CX IP Phone system. This new integration has a 30day trial but it costs a one time fee of $50USD. Considering that previous 3CX clients were free it would indicate that this integration is more mature and enterprise in nature although I have not tested it. There is also an API for the CRM integration but it is noted there is no support for the API.

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