Exchange 2010 Visual Voicemail Not Showing In Lync Client? Don't Forget Autodiscover SRV Record! #lync #exchange

I noticed that visual voicemail and call history was not showing on Lync clients in my Lync lab. After kicking around and reading I realized I missed a very simple thing in my Exchange server configuration: Adding the autodiscover SRV record.

All you need to do is add the above SRV record in your DNS pointing at your Exchange Server FQDN. Here are the details of how your DSN SRV record should look like:
Service = _autodiscover
Protocol = _tcp
Host offering service = your exchange server FQDN. Our example: (note our AD server has exchange 2010 colocated on it!)

Now close and restart your Lync client. You may need to wait a half a minute or so until magically your call history and visual voicemail will show up!

To ensure that your autodiscover is set correctly you can check at the Lync client level by opening the "Lync Configuration Information" window. You open this seriously handy window by holding the CRTL key while right clicking on the Lync icon in the system tray. Then click on the new menu item "Configuration Information". You will see a window like below:

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  1. Good stuff mr. Landis

    Worked like a charm!

    You should maybe mention that the port should be 443 - or is this perhaps a default when adding a _tcp SRV record?

    Can be added via dnscmd.exe like so:
    dnscmd . /recordadd zonename.local _autodiscover._tcp SRV
    0 0 443 excfqdn.zonename.local.



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