How To Get Your First SIP Trace of Lync Server In 1 Minute Using Logging Tool and Snooper #Lync

You have installed Lync Server and now a client or device is acting up. How do you get insight into what is happening with SIP traffic on your Lync Server? The "Lync Server Logging Tool" and "Snooper" are your freinds. (I mean serious freinds ;-) To get going goto your Lync Server click on Start | Microsoft Lync Server | Lync Server Logging Tool.

To just log Lync Server SIP packets click the options shown below. Click "Start Logging", get your sample then click "Stop Logging". Now click "Analyze Log Files".

Select a log file and click "Analyze". If Snooper is not install you will see a hyperlink to install "Resource Kit Tools".

You will be taking to the Lync Resource Tools site. Download and install them.

Next Snooper will run. Click on "Messages" to see the SIP messages.

That is all there is to it!

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