Will Lync Mobile Do Voice and Video? Yes, But Will Depend on OS, OS Version and Maybe Not Right Away #lync #wp7 #ios #android

According to presenters at TechEd 2011 NZ a little Q&A yeilds this info:

Q-Will it do voice/video?
A-"It will dependent device and OS level on will obviously be enabled at some point in time..."

Q-Will Lync mobile be integrated into WindowsPhone hubs?
A-"the goal is to get everything into the hubs..."

Q-When will wp7 lync client be here?
A-"Calendar Q4"

Q-I think-- I heard presenter say in answer to question Will skype be integrated into hubs?
A-"I can't say that... but remember i just said we want everthing in hubs...we need to wait on aquisition to complete..."

See Video min1 sec50:

See Clear photo screenshots of Lync Mobile for Windows Phone Here:

Note: Since the video source above has been removed it could mean the exchange from NZ TechEd noted above is an inaccurate or premature communication. We need to wait and see what shows up.

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