My First Impression Video Review of Xync for Android (Microsoft Lync client) #lync #android

Richard Pasztor, from the Lync forums, gave some additional excellent input on the Android client:
I just tested the Damaka client (it is called as "Xync", really difficult to find on Android market, use Damaka as the second word in the query, otherwise you will never find it)

My experience is mixed:
 - it really supports VoIP and Video (I suppose the official Microsoft Lync client for mobile will never have this feature, so this is a huge pro)
 - also supports Enterprise Voice in both directions!
- needs very powerful hardware, with a very recent Android OS: 2.3.3
- the pricing seems a little bit high compared to the average price of Android apps
- voice quality is acceptable for Lync-to-Lync calls, but not so good for Enterprise voice (I experienced quite bad echo, I can clearly hear all my speech back with a 1,5-second delay)
- UI needs some more work, with more configurable settings

I am really interested, how this product will evolve.

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  1. you cant add video into an existing audio call. :/


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