Polycom To Update Lync Phone Polycom CX700? (aka Tanjay) #lync #polycom

According the same LinkedIn post that mentioned the 3PIP program Microsoft apparently plans to launch I noticed that Matteo Nemeth also mentioned that Polycom plans to upgrade the veritable Polycom CX700 / Tanjay series:

I know if I talk to Polycom they say that the Aries series is now the executive level phone but considering that the Aries does not have touch screen, doesn't have simple finger login and sports a smaller screen it still seemed like there should be a true executive/power user phone in the Lync Phone Edition line.

I also became aware that Microsoft replaced about 1,000 Tanjay series phones with "a model they have been developing" according to a source. (they may have wires crossed)

I'm curious, anyone else have any updates on what Polycom is doing with the Polycom CX700 update? If so, please comment.


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