6 Steps To Getting Your Lync Server 2010 Live Messenger PIC Enabled

I wondered around in the “pineapple fields” a bit trying to get all these pieces together so I thought I’d compile them here. Open your Lync users to 350 million Live Messenger users soon!
  1. Make sure your Lync Edge server is working “ship shape” before trying to federate to Live Messenger.
  2. Before getting started make sure you have NO LiveMessenger ID’s using your Lync domain. To fix these ID’s login to your Skydrive/LiveID account to change the username.
    1. For example if your Lync Server is at “” you need to change any live ID’s that have “vanity” ID ending in “” to something else. (preferably a default Live domain like "")
    2. REMEMBER: you can only change your Live ID once every 6months—so get it right the first time!
    3. To avoid issues later I recommend that you remove any other contacts in your Live Messenger contact list that will be transitioning from LiveID accounts to Lync accounts and readd them after they are on Lync.
  3. Get provisioned started with Microsoft by heading over to
    1. Microsoft says it could take 30days: My experience was 7hrs later Live Messenger was provisioned. Microsoft Lync PIC provisioning team noted that AIM typically takes a bit longer.
  4. Do your Live Messenger federation configuration in Lync Control Panel.
  5. To enable LiveMesenger you need set Lync to not force encryption. Do this by following these instructions.
  6. To add Live Messenger clients to your Lync contact list add them to Lync just like Lync clients! 
    1. Note: If the Live Messenger you want to add is using a vanity LiveID enter the contact like this: liveiduser(live-id-vanity-domain) For example: would be john.martin(

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  1. Hi Matt,

    We have managed to chat to Live Messengers in the past but at some unknown point in time this stopped working. We have confirmed with the PIC team that our domain is still ok but whenever we try adding a MSN user nothing happens. When they try adding us their MSN displays "Networks: Windows Live" and we get an email "XXXX wants to be your friend" with a hyperlink that sends us to
    Do you have any pointers?


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