Video of How Lync Mobile Video Will Look on Windows Phone Mango


Ok, so maybe Lync Mobile will be even better than this Tango thing? It better be after this wait! Winking smile Okay, I don’t want to spread any more rumors: there is going to be NO VIDEO or audio on the coming Lync Mobile for Windows Phone according to respected Lync community guys. Maybe sometime later, but not right away. So get this video stuff out of our collective Lync heads.

In Another development about the Lync Mobile App for WindowsPhone, GustavoSanchez Is Testing It.

Twitter  @GustavoSanchezG Testing Lync Mobile for Wi ..

So how does this guy rate to get Microsoft Lync Mobile app while the rest of us only have some foggy “Q4 2011 timeframe” upon which to base all our hopes and fears? Winking smile

So If you are having a hard time waiting for the Lync Mobile App, peruse these good pictures of the app---its all us unwashed masses have right now.

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