Polycom Announces Intentions to Lync enable Various Existing Polycom Deskphone, Videophone and DECT Models


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Note: The noted firmware is NOT Microsoft Qualified or certified.
Note: The below is a summary of perusing Polycom PDF documents and is not 1st hand testing.

Polycom just announced that they are attempting to make select models Lync enabled and from a little browsing of documents I’d say they have some audacious goals. They have announced a firmware upgrade who’s goal is to make various Polycom phone models Lync interoperable.


  • According to Polycom, various Polycom deskphone models become Lync interoperable directly with firmware upgrade (no gateway or extra server required)
  • Firmware required: Polycom UC Software 4.0.1 or later
  • pg2 Licenses Required: No licenses required.
  • pg10 Appears to support G722 HD codec for audio
  • pg17 Appear Polycom VVW 1500 Supports direct video

Below are features that Polycom notes are implemented with Polycom UC software 4.0.1 or later:

  • Place and answer calls
  • Hold and resume multiple calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Set up conference calls
  • Forward incoming calls to other users
  • Access your contact directory
  • Work with call lists
  • Access voicemail
  • Set your presence status
  • Manage your Microsoft Lync contacts (called buddies)
  • Send and receive instant messages (on SpectraLink 8400 Series wireless handsets only)

Features Polycom notes are not implemented:

  • pg16 Shared Line Appearance does NOT work with Lync using UC Software 4.0.1
  • pg16 “…cannot initiate a MS Lync hosted conference call.”

Features Polycom notes are not currently available: Source: click here, slide 11

  • E911
  • CAC
  • Branch Office
  • resiliency
  • remote Worker (ice/ston/turn)

Screenshots of SoundPoint from Polycom documentation:

login screen


home screen

home screen

According to this page ( apparently this firmware has not gone through the Lync Qualified certification yet. Update: Verified, FW is not certified or qualified with Microsoft. Polycom notes they are working on this. ( source, slide 11)


Firmware UC 4.0.1 Manual click here
Press Release: click here

Thanks Randy Wintle @UCmadeeasy for the URL


  1. Are we going to see Lync videoconferencing call on a VVX ? :)

  2. yes, 500 and 1500. see page1 of:



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