Analyzing and Comparing Microsoft Lync Mobile Data Consumption


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Note: The below tests have been conducted in a very informal manner. For implementation planning guidance please reference Microsoft Mobility planning documents.

Microsoft has noted that their new Lync Mobile client has been dramatically optimized to operate in most mobile data network conditions. What exactly does this mean? How much data DOES Lync Mobile client use? How does this compare to the SIP based CoMo (Communicator Mobile for Windows Mobile). We fired up our lab and did some tests.

For our comparison tests we used the same Lync user with with the below profile

  • 15 local contacts
  • 50 Federated contacts

The compared mobile devices/clients were as follows:

  • Windows Phone (Mango) on Samsung Focus, Lync Mobile
  • Windows Mobile (6.5) on HTC/ATT 8525, Communicator Mobile

Our test was as follows:

  • Open the client
  • Send an IM "test test test” to another user
  • Have the other reply with “test”
  • Close the client

We ran the tests 4 times on each platform and averaged the results. What we found was that Microsoft has truly optimized data consumption: On the data receive side Lync Mobile was 6.33 times more efficient (less data received) than Communicator Mobile. On the send side Lync Mobile was 3.42 more efficient (less data transmitted).

To Summarize, our finding in our informal and very limited lab is that:

  • Summary: Lync Mobile is:

    • 6.33 Times more efficient on Receive

    • 3.42 Times more efficient on Transmit

Below are the exact data amounts in a grid:



Lync Mobile

RX Data in MB



TX Data in KB





Note 2: These lab tests have not been peer reviewed. If you notice any anomalies, please report them to me via comments or @matthewlandis (twitter).

Lab test details worksheet: click here

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