Who Can Federate Tool Coming to Windows Phone Soon #lync #wp7 #windowsphone

Our WCF Tool for Windows makes it one click to see which of your Contacts in Outlook could be Lync/OCS enabled. It has been in demand: nearly 1,000 downloads in a little over a month. This is a big achievement for us and, to keep the momentum, we decided to bring the Who Can Federate Tool to the Windows Phone platform.

We decided to do this for several reasons:

  1. Excellent little tool to have in your pocket for those moments when a client or colleague wonders if so-and-so organization can Lync. This is a feature that PC version does not have. (basically a good way to see if a company is anybody {grin})
  2. Windows Phone consolidates more Contacts into one list than any other place I know
  3. Finally, and biggest business case: I wanted the challenge of writing a Windows Phone app. {another grin}

The first release of the Windows Phone edition will have some slightly different functionality than the PC version:

  • A simple way to check a single domain you type in for Lync-ability
  • You can email the list of Lync-able contacts to your PC with hot URL to test for yourself if they are open (if by arrangement this obviously must be done first)
  • Will entirely depend on the Lync Federation Directory Project domain list--No DNS lookups at the moment.

We have all the tough, behind the scenes code done. Now we will smooth the UI, make a slick logo, more testing and go through app submission process. Keep on eye on this blog for the release, or go and grab the PC WCF Tool right now!

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  1. Top work Matt, worth an MVP on it's own ;)

  2. @dave - thanks, a community that is this kind is hard not to give to. ;-)

  3. I was happy with the PC tool. Matt, this is fabulous. Would love to test for you....

  4. @scavali thanks for that comment and i replied on twitter.


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