New Informal Report: Approximately 23% of Fortune 1000 Companies Have a Public Facing Microsoft UC (Lync, OCS or LCS) Deployment


New informal report  indicates approximately 23% of fortune 1000 companies have a public facing Microsoft UC deployment (Live Communication Server, Office Communication Server or Microsoft Lync). 

Landis Computer, a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner that focuses on infrastructure, UC and Dynamics, has used publicly available DNS records1 to compile some informal statistics on public facing Microsoft UC deployments.

The first statistics focused on a list of Fortune 1000 compiled in 2008 Andrew Pavlo2. This list is admittedly dated but still yields some interesting results. From this list of fortune 1000 we see 239 (or 23.9%) who have public facing Microsoft UC deployment. Of these same 1000 companies 255 (or 25.5%) appear to be configured to federate to UC partners.

fortune 1000 chart

Another set of statistics were run on the 100 oldest dot com domain names3 yields that 19% have a public facing Microsoft UC deployment. 32% of them have some form of federation to other UC partners.

oldest dotcom chart

We also ran our tools on the 54 oldest .edu domain names. Out of 54 domains 11 (or 20.3%) have a public facing Microsoft UC deployment and 12 (or 22.2%) appear to be configured to federate to UC partners.


What seems to be a recurring theme is a percentage of approximately 20-25% of organizations have some type of Microsoft UC solution in place.

To reiterate some of the caveats with this informal report:

  • Fortune 1000 list is dated. (if you have a newer one, we’d be glad to run statistics on a newer list)

  • Having the noted DNS record does not guarantee that an organization is using Lync but is typically a very good indicator they are using it or planning to shortly

  • A public facing deployment does not indicate what percentage of users in the organization have Lync deployed to them.

This report is certainly not the final authority on Lync deployments but gives some increased visibility into Microsoft UC deployments as they stand today.

[If you have interest in more statistics about Microsoft UC implementations we have charts by country and by organization type at the “Lync Federation Project” (which has different data sources).]

1 Response to ._sip DNS considered “Microsoft UC public facing deployment”.
1 Response to .sipfederationtls DNS considered “federated to UC partners”
2 2008 Fortune 1000 list by Andrew Pavlo: Click Here 
3 100 Oldest .COM Domains by tgdaily:  Click Here

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