“Who Can Federate” Tool Tells Outlook Users Which Contacts are Lync or OCS Enabled #lync #outlook #federate


The WCF Tool (who can federate tool) is a free, end user or consultant tool to make users aware which of their own Outlook 2010 contacts are available to collaborate using Microsoft Lync or OCS.

The tool takes just a minute to install and run and the only requirement is that you have Outlook. That’s right, you don’t even need Lync or OCS, so this is a great sales tool for those who don’t even have a Microsoft UC solution yet as well as awareness driver for those who do. You likely will be surprised by some of your Outlook contacts that have Lync/OCS federation. (I was!)

The WCF Tool brings together the power of the  Lync Federation Directory project list of Lync/OCS enabled organizations and DNS queries to discover which contacts in an Outlook contact list can collaborate.

Download the WCF Tool on TechNet here:


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  2. This doesn't find PIC contacts on Windows Live Messenger does it? That would be awesome.

  3. @jason lee: yes, we've considered adding PIC finds as well. Before that we want to add more information with each "hit". Then we can note this is a PIC contact and you need PIC enabled on your lync for it to work.

  4. I was going to recommend this tool to my clients as a way to advance the take up of Lync. That is until I found an email in my Sent Items back to you with all the associated federated domains from my address list.

    A little disappointed to say the least.

  5. @Des Thanks for your feedback, it is very appreciated.

    A couple comments on the feedback:
    #1-the wcf tool is not very oriented toward mass implementing. It was designed more for a "one off" point in time check. If someone can use it in mass install type of way that is okay, but it was really designed for the attended, click to run senario.(where the user could uncheck sumbit if they want)

    #2-We have been very open about the submit process. It is in the release notes (in red), it is step 2 in the "How to run" and the check box is on the main screen of the wcf tool. So we are trying to be upfront that running the tool can be a contribution to the Lync community if user is community minded. ;-)

    #3- I've been listening to the community very closely for feedback on this very issue. If someone "recalls" an email/or has concerns about this we don't use contents. But actually this happened 1 time in 2000+ installs and after we chatted about how we use it, even this user said they want to contribute.

    Having said all this we are in the design phase of a version of the wcf tool that is oriented for mass install type senario. This likely will be a commercial edition.

    So once again, thanks! Long live Lync Federation. ;-)

  6. Why is it sending emails to your gmail account with a list of SIP domain names?

  7. @Zh - this is currently how WCF Tool submits new domains to the Lync Federation Directory Project.

    There is NO requirement to be community minded and submit domains. If you are not community minded, merely uncheck "Auto Submit New Domains" and new domains will NOT be sent.

    This is clearly noted on the technet gallery step 2 under "how to run". ;-)

  8. It appears that this only checks the main "Contacts" folder. It'd be nice if I can have it scan another folder (sub-folder in contacts or a Public Folder).

    1. I have a user asking the same question. In our installation you can select "Contacts" or "Suggested Contacts", bur why not other contects folders?

  9. hi,
    where I can download ?

  10. Download the WCF Tool on TechNet here:

  11. This may sound like a dumb question but..... i did a scan and i found a few contacts that says i can federate with. i can double click the contact and a lync contact window opens and the users presence is "unknown". so i assume i needed to add the domain to my "allowed" domains in my lync control panel. i added a few domains using the users email address so i added the part after the "@" to my allowed domains and the users presence does not change. so i am thinking the info i am adding to my lync control panel is wrong. so my question is how do i find out using this tool what to add to my allowed domains list???


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