#Lync Quick Take: Microsoft and Avaya Trade Positions on “Coexistence”?

lync quick take

A rigorous conversation is happening over at The subject of “What Avaya isn’t Telling You About ACE” is being discussed in the comment section. Joe Shurman, one time Lync MVP, writer and now a UC strategy exec at Avaya has noted that “coexistence” will provide more value to the customer than a “combative” stance. Below is an excerpt from the comments:

I came into Avaya noticing how reactive the organization was because their new set of services had not yet been released and Microsoft Lync was taking off like wildfire within each of their accounts, especially the large ones. The response was combative and focused on an Avaya vs Microsoft campaign that I was a part of. I decided after meeting with several customers to stop this kind of messaging and attack as it provides no value for the customer and only causes further frustration. With this approach, I created a new set of presentations, recorded several internal socialcasts, and developed a new competitive strategy that focused on coexistence.

I am not an Avaya ACE expert at all, but for some reason I think this conversation might yield something beneficial for the customer.

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