Kerio Launching Phone System to Compliment It's Email Server: Kerio Operator

I just got a head's up about an interesting new phone system developement: Kerio Operator. This phone system from the company that makes the cross-platform "Microsoft Exchange Alternative" is an interesting new entrant into the SMB telephone space. At the moment it appears this is a Linux based solution and is delivered as a virtual machine but even so the requirements are quite low.

I'd be interested in hearing more about this solution. Is it Asterisk based? (considering it's using Digium boards is it safe to assume Asterisk base?) Will there be cross-platform editions? (like Kerio connect)
Below is the administration console:

It appears like the supported handsets are Cisco, Linksys and snom which is a solid lineup. Currently the product is in Beta and you can download a trial at .

Handset makers are jumping into the PBX business and now email server guys...who next? ;-)

If you know any more about Kerio Operator I'd be glad for your feedback.

Check it out yourself:

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