Patton Smartnode 4300 FXS Channel Bank Quick Review: Quality, No Frills Workhorse.

Patton has introduced a high density FXS channel bank.

-Patton quality voip gateway. Config and forget.
-free Patton Smartnode configuration tool for popular PBX's:
-solid cast 19" mounting brackets
-Patton support 1st rate.

-one power LED is all there is. No booting status, channel status leds.
-Std 50pin telco plug required to actually plug in analogue phones
-web interface is not very intuitive
-Getting Started manual is (p6) is unclear (innacurate?) how the gateway is to be configured

Patton tends to go light on the frills, gui and graphics. Our experience has been they are serious workhorses that rarely give trouble.

Watch first impression video review of the Patton Smartnode 4300 24port FXS channel bank below.

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