IM/Presence, Video, VoIP Calling Now a Feature of Windows 8 O/S Like Calculator: A New Era for Skype?



I’ve been reviewing Windows 8.1 Preview in general and my feeling is that Windows 8 has arrived. Microsoft has done an excellent job at merging Start with Desktop with a new start menu and melding of wallpaper. Allowing users to login directly to the desktop I would think will more than satisfy most concerns about the big change to Windows 8. The built-in Skydrive app syncs files to your pc for offline access. Very good.

Looking specifically at communication in Windows 8.1, it appears that IM/Presence, video and VoIP/voice calling to phones has become a feature of the latest Windows operating system with Skype’s arrival as an app that is part of the Windows operating system

Below are some specifics of that changes in Windows 8.1:

  • Windows 8.1 Preview comes with Skype (app store and desktop version) already installed as part of OS app suite
  • The Messaging app is no longer installed/available
  • Skype requires no login, just login to Windows 8.1 Preview and click on Skype and the associated Skype user will be logged into Skype
  • Skype notifications and incoming call toast appears even on Lock screen

Below are some screens shots of how Skype is baked into Windows 8.1 Preview:

People integrationimage



It is interesting to me that Google does not see Presence as

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