Marshall McLuhan & Unified Communications: Is UC Hot or Cold Media?


I am currently working on Marshall McLuhan’s “Understanding Media” and the obvious question that struck me: Is unified communications hot or cold media? (See the above chart to refresh your memory on what hot and cold media is) Eduardo Nava has written an excellent article titled After Media (2009) that investigates current media and includes thoughts on Skype and mobile phones.

Some thoughts from his article for those of you who don’t have time to read the whole scholarly thing:

  • Most media is cooling
    • My commentary: Think about it that almost everything is now social and allow user participation: YouTube, Facebook, blogs, etc.
  • The telephone is getting hotter
    • My commentary: Is this because we are attending more listen only audio conferences than ever? or because we now have free HD conferences? (
    • Voicemail – yeah, very little participation.
  • Skype is telephone cooled
    • More participation: instant message, see video as well (not single sense) and interact in that way. And yet for many video resolution is not HD.

A question that occurred to me: Can media be both hot and cold? High definition and high participation? Isn’t that what in person interaction is?

Read After Media (HOT and COLD) by Eduardo Navas for yourself:

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