Cisco to Bring 2 Way Content Sharing With Microsoft Lync



Just yesterday Cisco’s Jacob Nordan noted in a short statement on that Cisco will add two way content sharing with Microsoft Lync 2013. Jacob Nordan is “Senior Director of Product Management of Cisco’s Collaboration Infrastructure Business Unit” (Jacob Nordan is in charge of product & business strategy for TelePresence infrastructure. Had the same role at Tandberg). The meat of the announcement is a mere two sentences:

“…To solve our customers challenges Cisco has decided to expand  our industry leading interoperability to include two way content sharing with Microsoft Lync 2013. This will be a software upgrade to existing solution. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to a release.

This is a very nice announcement to hear and speaks to the weight that Lync 2013 has in the enterprise. The announcement is very short on details and questions that immediately come to mind:

  • When will this arrive?
  • At what level will this interop occur?

It is interesting that Jacob prefixes this announcement by calling out “vendors who don’t use open standards” and “proprietary technologies”. In the context of this announcement the article’s “open standards” objection  seems only to draw attention to why Cisco even needs to provide this interop at all: Customers are apparently on a large scale choosing what he calls “proprietary” and not “open standards”?  or as The Register cheekily noted today:

That could translate as “lots of our customers have already got some Lync and want interoperability because they're not going to throw it out in a hurry”.

I look forward to this new interoperability as customers and users stand to be winners.

Read the whole article here:

Or take a look at “The Register’s” take on this development:

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