snom m65 DECT Phone with Multi-Cell Roaming


Looks like snom has released a DECT portable phone with multi-cell roaming capability. At the moment it appears to have standard SIP firmware. Since snom is quite Lync focused, what about Lync? Well, like other SIP devices, integration with a gateway could be an option, but this is no more compelling than various other DECT vendors and Spectralink does have a Lync DECT solution. (I have no word from snom if there is Lync firmware/Lync qualification is in the making)

There appears to be 2 base stations coming:

  • M700 (single cell or mutli-cell roaming)
  • M300 (single cell base station, no roaming)

Also, in other news from snom it looks like they are unveiling a new logo, which looks like an improvement to me:




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