Skype for Business User QuickTip #39: How to Join a Meeting without Interrupting Call or Meeting in Progress #Skype4B

So you have your day scheduled full of Skype for Business meetings. You are in one phone call or meeting and another is ready to start and you are going to be late and would like to let the meeting participants of the next meeting know. How do you quickly join the next meeting with Instant Message only? Actually, it’s not too hard.

In Skype for Business, click Options | Skype Meetings (tab) and now change “Join Meeting audio from:” to “Do not join audio” and click OK.


Now you can join the next meeting in Instant Message mode and the audio of the currently in progress call will not be interrupted.


As soon as you have joined the meeting you can go back in and change this setting back.

NOTE: another option is to check “Before I join meetings, ask me which audio device I want to use”. This will always ask if you want audio when you join a meeting.

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