Skype for Business iOS Is Here


The Skype for Business app for iOS is now here.

The app sports the same new home screen as the previously released Android app which puts Search Contacts, Upcoming Meeting and Recent conversations forefront as compared to the older app that had search and contact list in the focus.

In call control buttons are nice and big, which means finger friendly and very reminiscent of the Skype consumer app. Microsoft must be thinking users will not be frequently browsing the contact list or dialing via the dialpad as navigation to those screens have smaller buttons.

New Features:

  • Simultaneously view content and speaker video
  • Full screen video
  • Skype for Business look
  • ADAL based authentication / multi-factor authentication

iOS gets some features I’ve notice are not on Android (Preview)

  • Ability to switch on a conversation to delete it
  • Emoticons

Some screenshots: active call


Changing Presence: 3 taps: My picture | Status | Presence


Get the App:

Manual/Training Doc:

Office Blog about iOS Skype4B App

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