First Sighting: Jabra Handset 450 DECT USB Handset for #Skype4B

Just noticed the Jabra Handset 450 thanks to @fabriziovolpe mentioning it on Twitter. Looks like it has been around in Cisco circles but I just noticed that Jabra seems to be noting is “works” (not certified) with Skype for Business now.

Here are some thoughts on this interesting device…


  1. USB-attached DECT headsets have been around for a long while. Where do you see this as being more useful than a headset?

    1. one scenario is retail or other multiple hat wearing scenarios where user is not deskbound.

      This dect unit has a much less heavy implementation than most Skype4B dect devices.

      As noted though, the lack of dial pad does limit this device.

  2. There are many users that do not agree to use headset at all, this kind of device could fill the gap.

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  4. Yes, we have used these in situations where a user prefers not to "wear" their phone -- and they do not want (or cannot have) a traditional desk phone. They work well in our Microsoft environment.

  5. Hiya Matt

    This device has been around for a couple of years now, in the cisco uc world there are a number of use cases since they wide e2e portfolio offering.

    You have given two good example use cases, in my experience more generally for users who still prefer the comfort of a physical handset thereby easing adoption, since it uses DECT technology it has clearer audio, less interference ( and overhead comparing to wifi for example) and with 20m range you can disappear for a while, roam around without worrying about call range /quality issues :)

    Yus @cciecollab


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