“Chat-Based” Solutions Seem Fond of Video: Microsoft Teams Included Video at Preview Release & Slack Announces They Are Adding Video


Microsoft released their Microsoft Teams chat-based workspace with several differentiators from Slack, a key one of them being video. On 12/12/2016 Slack announced it was adding video as well.

How is Slack video different that Microsoft Teams video?

  • 1 to 1 Video is included in Slack’s free product but not group video. (Parity)
  • Group Video (up to 15 people) is only available on one of Slack’s paid plans. ( -1)
  • Slack has “Emoji Response” which appears to be analogous to Periscopes “Heart” feature that allows users to give feedback in real-time that floats up alongside the video (+1)
  • Slack doesn’t mention scheduled video meetings which is a current feature of Teams. (-1)
  • Slack doesn’t include Screen sharing (-1) which is a current feature of Teams.


At the moment neither Microsoft Teams nor Slack store a recorded version of video meetings which could be quite interesting and tie in nicely with “chat-based” collaboration that is searchable, especially if they would include a “speech to text” translation with the recording.

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