Skype for Business User Tip #44: Which of Multiple Incoming RGS/Call Queue Calls Will Be Answered First?


Interestingly not all Skype for Business endpoints handle answering Response Group Service / Call Queue calls with the same logic. When multiple calls are coming from a RGS /Call Queue, which will be answered?

For example: Let’s say you have 3 incoming calls from your “FrontDesk” Response Group (or Cloud PBX Call Queue). On your Skype for Business client you will see 3 incoming call toasts. If you press the button on your USB headset, which call will be answered? (LIFO = Last Incoming Call/Oldest Incoming/Longest Ringing will be answered first. FIFO = First Incoming Call/Newest Incoming/Shortest Ringing will be answered first.)


Skype for Business endpoint Answer Method Behavior
Skype for Business PC client [Window + Shift + O] LIFO
USB headset Headset button LIFO
Polycom CX300 USB Pickup handset LIFO
Yealink IP phone Pickup handset LIFO
Lync Phone Edition IP Phone (Polycom CX600/HP 4120/etc) Pickup handset FIFO

Of course, if you click on a specific incoming call toast, that call will be answered.

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