First Impression: Yamaha YVC-1000MS USB Speakerphone Certified for Skype for Business


At Microsoft Inspire 2017 Yamaha announced that their YVC-1000MS USB speakerphone has become Microsoft Skype for Business Certified. A question might be: Why would Microsoft take on another speakerphone vendor?

The folks at Yamaha noted that the ability to bring a wired room microphone into a Skype for Business meeting was a driver. This is facilitated with an RCA jacks on the back of the YVC-1000MS as shown on the picture below. (Port/terminal number 6 in the picture) The YVC-1000MS mixes the USB, Bluetooth and audio input jack. The devices allows up to 2 RCA Mics.



There is mixer software (YVC –1 000 Configurator)  that you can download from Yamaha website. ( Manual | External Mic. Setup Guide” for documentation) The YVC=1000 Configurator allows you to select how the inputs are mixed. (below)


Another unique feature is the Tuning Fork Button, which automatically optimizes the acoustic settings by learning about the environment of a room as it operators.

The speakerphone also supports up to 5 remote microphones which have DSP’s that can eliminate noises other than voices. (I didn’t get to test that, so no word on that)

A quick video look at YVC-1000MS at Microsoft Inspire 2017

The device connects to Skype for Business via USB and depends on the Skype for Business client for call control as there are no buttons for call pickup on the device. There is also Bluetooth and NFC pairing.

The devices is $1299 MSRP and includes one remote mic in that price. Additional mic are $399MSRP.

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