Cloud PBX Call Queues Get Additional Contact Center Feature PowerShell Commands: Serial Routing & Agent Opt Out

It is not currently on the Office 365 Roadmap, but my alert colleague, CJ Martin, notified me that it looks like some work is being done to add some new functionality to Skype for Business Cloud PBX Call Queues (aka Hunt Groups) based on the Microsoft Set-CsHuntGroup documentation, which includes new PowerShell parameters to configure Serial Routing and Allow [Agent – see below] Opt Out.

Both of these features are highly anticipated by those using Cloud PBX Call Queues in Attendant console and light contact center scenarios.

Below are the commands.


And apparently to allow agent Opt Out.


We weren’t sure if we missed something in all the Microsoft Teams buzz, so we went right over to Office 365 and checked, and sure enough the commandlets are there so we gave them a whirl:


The commandlet response was:

The AgentOptOut feature is not available yet.

When will “yet” be? No guarantees here, but looking forward to this type of functionality quite eagerly!

Office 365 Roadmap:

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