New Phone Form Factor OCS End Point: Polycom CX300 USB

There are a limited number of OCS (Office Communication Server) hardware endpoints at this point. Some of the ones I know about are:

-Polycom CX700 (sometimes call Tanjay)
-Polycom CX200 USB w/ no display
-Polycom Conference Phone
-Snom 3XX, 8XX, and MeetingPoint OCS Editions

The Polycom CX300 is unique in the it is a traditional phone form factor complete with LCD display that works in tandem with the software Microsoft Office Communicator. It is also a very reasonable price at $199 USD list. (The phone does not work if your PC is not running)

Read more about it at Jason Shave's Blog:


  1. The entire line of endpoints (Tanjay and Catalina were originaly developed by Microsoft and just last year “passed” to Polycom) is extremely good. However, the concept of pairing via USB narrows the scope of usage and/or adds hidden cost. If I have to add a PC in the kitchen block, a $199 phone is not $199 phone any more…


  2. Yes, I agree that the USB phone is for the infomation worker (i hate that term ;-). But teaming a computer with a phone seems to me to be the best way to make phone system/voice features discoverable to the user. Sit someone in front of Office Communicator and they can figure out how to do a conference and even a multi-person video conference. Set them in front of a traditional handset--and you get a blank stare!

    I envision that future standalone-handsets will have a software client that is a companion to a standalone handset. With much deeper integration than today. The handset works fine without the software but gets another level of useability with it running and does things a handset doesn't do well: ie=trigger a PC video call by pressing a blf button on your snom phone? Or do a OCS directory search on the snom phone from your pc?

    (Only reason i use snom is because they seem to do some advanced things.)


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