OCS--A Product No Windows PBX Professional Should Overlook

I don’t usually get this excited about a product. But we have been reviewing OCS 2007 R2 and I am blown away. This product is just—WOW. Not only video conferencing but Hi-Def video conferencing. Super high quality screen sharing: Yes, others can control your screen if you allow them. How about MAC screen sharing client? Windows Mobile and Java OCS clients take your communications on the road. Let UC read your email to you and, oh yes, if you want it can turn your voicemails into email also. Hey, want to have a forwarding rule based on an appointment in Outlook? No problem. How about a full featured, full screen Attendent console. And I haven’t mentioned all the little touches that make things go smoother like…Windows Media player being turned down when you get a call, a little indicator for EACH conference attendee to show if they are currently speaking, IM’ing or viewing your screen cast…

If you are a Windows PBX professional you will NOT want to overlook this product. My opinion is that OCS will change the Windows-based communication landscape. If Microsoft makes an OCS edition that is simplified & catered to the small business--I predict it will be devastatingly disruptive in that market.

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