I Got a Glimpse of Microsoft Communicator 2010 Logo--The Final Office 2010 Logo to Join the Crowd

We are trying to decide: Do we implement OCS 2007 R2 now? Or wait for Microsoft Communication Server 2010? (or whatever number it will be ;-) In my research to find out when the Communication Server Beta will be released I came across what appears to be the new Communicator logo! It was on a screen shot of the new Communicator.

See more details here:


  1. My 2 cents worth:

    Alot of the CS14 feature are aimed at making CS a more fully featured PBX solution.
    If you are planning a deployment involving Enterprise voice and a number of branch office which will have CS as there primary phone system better to wait for CS14.
    If the deployments main focus is Presence and IM or its for a single site, I'd go with R2 and upgrad at a later date.


  2. Thanks for that input.

    Right now we are using it for IM, mobile IM, presence, desktop sharing, 1-to-1 video, 1-to-several video and live meeting. One site.


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