snom M9: Worlds First DECT Wireless Office Communication Server Phone--Available in USA Later This Year!

snom has released the snom M9 outside the USA and I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival here! Why?

-It is the worlds FIRST OCS compatible portable phone
-It is also a standard SIP phone that works with your favorite IP PBX
-USB built into the handset for future expansion (and charging?)
-snom touts enough memory for future firmware enhancements

It also has some improvements over the existing snom m3 that I welcome:
-Redesigned keypad that appears more finger friendly
-Backlit keypad is a great improvement
-Improved firmware

Read more details about the snom m9 Click Here:

This unit looks like something I'd like to get in my hand! (no pun)

Also, don't forget that snom has a complete line of very affordable OCS compatible voip phone handsets for the desk also.

One thing about snom's entire line of OCS phones is that they use the g711 codec and not the OCS native Rtaudio codec. I'm not sure if snom 8xx series phones have the processor power to run rtaudio but I hope that snom is investigating moving in this direction.

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