Windows Embedded PBX Appliance Powered by pbxnsip To Replace Response Point?

I understand the white unit beside this snom 870 is a Windows Embedded small business phone system powered by pbxnsip. I sighted this in the wild (More picture Here) and understand it is being developed by a pbxnsip partner in Europe. I think a low cost, low power consumption, Windows-based (to boot! ;-) phone system unit like this would be very interesting to see on the market. Because of pbxnsip's low system resource requirements it is a great embedded application.

Today is the day that support for Microsoft Response Point end. Harry Brelsford and Ed Carnes talk about/commiserate? about the now defunct Microsoft Response Point phone system for small businesses and what their response is to RP death. It is evident in my mind that there is still a place for an affordable and easy to manage phone system. We all know communication solutions are going software--and with so many admins and users knowing Windows it is a natural for small business. I think 3CX, pbxnsip and other Windows pbx solutions are at the right place.

(scroll down a bit, Harry gets a little carried away with content ;-)

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