Why I Plan to Get a Windows Phone 7

I've been watching the mobile phone market shape up and gave non-Windows phones some serious consideration but after inspecting and playing with Windows Phone 7 (yes, that's right--using the emulator ;-) I am planning to get Windows Phone 7 unit when they are available.
  • I think the UI is elegant and the tile concept is something that my "sum it up" mind will like.
  • Tight & elegant Integration to online and social networking services
  • Easily handle multiple email and calendar accounts
  • Tight integration to which I already use very heavily. (and if you aren't using Office Web Apps immediately get over to my blog article on Office Web Apps and read it--they are a game changer!!)
  • will automatically light up contacts, calenders, photos and email on your Windows Phone 7 device--wow!
  • Sharepoint integration (Sharepoint made to use on a mobile device)
  • Excellent Podcast player (Zune) built in. I don't listen to a lot of music but podcasts ALL the time.
  • Also via the web you can map, ring, lock or erase your WP7 device! Wow! Read More Here.
  • WP7 has the best Voice Recognition using TellMe View Video
 In short, I think this phone seems to get work and home mix right.

I just read an excellent review on Windows Phone 7 by a dedicated Android user who after playing with a WP7 device is seriously considering turning in his Android for a WP7!  Read it Here.

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