Whoa! Microsoft Releases New Communication Solution With New Name: Microsoft Lync!

Microsoft is releasing their next generation communication solution as Microsoft Lync Server. This is really Office Communication Server Wave "14" product with a new name. According to Microsoft this product is a PBX replacer product--whoa!

Microsoft Lync 2010 is a product to be reckoned with: Great user experience, cutting edge features, very forgiving real time communication codec and now more hardware devices than ever. (including my favorite snom phones! ;-) Microsoft Lync will also be able to communicate with the millions of Microsoft Live Messenger users. Another compelling part about Lync is that it will be available as an on premise or hosted solution.

We currently use OCS as a hosted solution and have been waiting for Microsoft Lync 2010 so that we can install on premise. We love the smooth UX for person to person videoconferencing and the desktop sharing experience is also incredible.

I find it quite ironic that two of my favorite communication clients have rhyming names: Blink and Lync!

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