SURVEY: Small Business Windows PBX Admins Don't Give Two Hoots* About Redundancy & High Availablilty

According to the small survey I've done phone system administrators don't seem that interested in taking advantage of the benefits of redundancy and HA available with todays virtualization. Wow, I thought this was one of the big reasons to use a Windows-based solution instead of some black box! According to the survey (pictured below) 46% prepare for a disaster just like they had a black box!

Has the business phone system become unimportant? Is it just not that important to small businesses to keep their pbx up? Or, are us administrator just too lazy? ;-)

Perhaps ... people can just pickup their mobile phones so the pbx isn't that critical anymore?

 Lets review some easy ways to make your SMB Windows based communication solution be more redundant:
  • Of course you can use Microsoft & VMWare virtualization methods to make your solution redundant.
  • You may also remember my simple Windows script to fail over one Windows box to another live server at the application level.
  • We have also been reviewing StorageCraft as a backup solution that can also provide a "poor man's" kind of High Available. StorageCraft allows you to boot to a backup image as a running virtual machine.
  • Heroware is another software + hardware solution that will backup a Windows Server and run as nessesary.
Maybe you have some more to suggest?

* Definition

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