snom 300 Handset is Now Microsoft Lync Qualified--Entire Line Works With Lync 2010

snom is continuing to forge ahead with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (formerly OCS, Wave "14", MS Communication Server, etc) interoperable devices and just today announced their snom 300 is now formally has joined the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Compatible Program.

While the snom 300 is the first device to be added to this program all of snoms 3xx and 8xx series phones are also interoperable with Lync and share a similar firmware. snom has also introduced the first Lync interoperable DECT phone with the snom M9 (read more) snom also has a Lync compatible conference room phone and PA loudspeaker (see my video review).

I've noticed the Lync certified phones from Polycom and Aastra share an identical firmware which is probably a pro and con. The pro's being that they have a really slick color GUI, do RTaudio and are certified. The pro's about snom's firmware is that they can do creative things like have the phone register to standard SIP pbx at the same time as a Lync Server, provide very cost effective handsets with small black/white screens and put their firmware on all kinds of devices like portable phones and loudspeaker devices.

I am very impressed with snom's continuing committment to adding value to their snom 3xx line. We have had snom 3xx phones at our office for around 5 years and now those same phone handsets (no extra cost) can work with the latest in UC innovations including showing presence! (see me demonstrating OCS/Lync on snom 360) That is value.

Snom Press Release on Lync Compatible Device


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  2. Hi I’ve read at snom website that snom 300 is compatible with Lync, what about snom 820/821?

  3. Yes, the snom 8xx series is OCS compatible. Take a look at the video of 821 here:


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