Larger Players Weigh in on Mobile SIP Softphones: Counterpath Bria for iPhone!

Well, actually Bria for iPhone.

As I was sitting in a session waiting for it to begin at the SMB Voip 2010 / Channel Partners conference I noticed that the X-Lite soft phone projected on the screen was advertising an iPhone SIP soft phone by Counterpath! (hey, those advertisements work!)

I would expect the Bria iPhone Edition to be of excellent quality if it follows in the foot steps of the Bria for Windows level quality and it comes at a VERY affordable price of $7.99 on the iPhone App Store. G729 is an additional license.  I was disappointed that presence and IM was not in this mobile clint. To go to Counterpath's site click here.

Perhaps Mobile technology has matured to the point that my previous assessment that mobile isn't ready for SIP has been outdated? (Read my article on the state of the mobile SIP client)

We have seen mobile sip soft phones from players like 3CX and others. A very promising, polished, multi-modal, Windows/Mac/Linux SIP client Blink has also hinted they are considering a mobile SIP client here. Perhaps mobile performance and data service have hit critical mass?

THIS JUST IN: Counterpath plans to release an Android SIP phone too! Whoa! Read More...

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