All SIP DECT Phones Lead to Who?! All Except snom m9 That Is...

Why the Danish built DualPhone 3081, of course!

I was wondering around the ChannelPartners expo hall floor and stopped in to see what was happening with the Aastra folks. When I picked up the Aastra SIP DECT phone I was astonished to see that the firmware appeared identical to the snom M3 firmware! After some web sleuthing it appears the Danish DECT phone maker DualPhone must OEM for Aastra and some other DECT SIP phone makers.

Below: Aastra DECT, snom m3 and Dual Phone 3081

I was starting to get worried that the DECT phone players will have no differentiation but minor hardware tweaks. Thankfully snom is back to the rescue with their latest DECT phone: the snom m9. The snom m9 has an ENTIRELY SNOM BASED FIRMWARE! ;-) Which means that with the snom m9 you have the rock-solid snom SIP stack, enhanced feature like roaming and OCS/Lync compatibility. (To read more about OCS/Lync compatibility in snom you may want to read my blog post) Just to prove that the snom m9 is not dualphone firmware see the below picture: ;-)

To see more of the snom M9 user interface see the link below:

To view a video about the snom m9 click here. I'm looking forward to the snom m9 being available here is the USA.
PS- I just found this video where snom Christian Baier discusses the difference between the snom m3 and m9. View it by clicking here.

Some links below to read more about the DualPhone 3081:

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