Breaking News! snom Releases Mature Windows-Based Phone System!

This is huge news for the Windows PBX community!

snom is well known in the industry for their excellent SIP based handsets. The have now released snom ONE: a robust, full-featured and secure phone system. (Windows-based edition of course!)

Mature, Robust, Secure, Windows-Based and Free
Another amazing part of this announcement is that there is a 10 extension FREE edition of snom One! (extremely reasonably priced 20 and unlimited extension versions also!) This is the real deal with no limitations--AND IT IS MATURE SOFTWARE! I've seen other products given away free that are really beta level products. But we have installed this software in the field for over a year and extensively worked with it and it is a really mature phone system.

Random Thoughts About snomONE
Below is a screen shot of the system status screen in snomONE. I love this screen because you can really get insight into the system for the last 24 hours at one glance: CPU usage, Call volume and even Call Quality score!

Below is my first quick video randomly walking around some features in snomONE.

Where Do I Get Support?
Community Support Forum: (I suggest putting your questions in the "general" forum)
Twitter: Join the twitter conversation using hashtag #snomONE
Commercial Paid Support for snomONE:

snomONE is based on pbxnsip so you will also see a wealth of knowledge in the pbxnsip forum at

Keep an eye on this blog for my analysis of this new developement!


  1. Is this a relabeled pbxNsip system?

  2. yes, snomOne is based on pbxnsip. It has been streamlined to fit SMB (small to medium business--several hundred extensions down to a couple) in a couple ways. pbxnsip will continue as a carrier oriented product.

  3. I am very disappointed to note that snomONE free supports only snom devices as user agents. I am awaiting verification whether paid editions of snomONE support user agents other than snom.

  4. If you want UA's other than snom in a supported fashion take a look at


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