snom Phones Get Social Network Enabled: Twitter, RSS, Flickr & More

snom has done an "XML App World Cup" and the snom community has responded with a couple interesting applications to add value to snom phones. Now you can access twitter, RSS feeds, flickr photos, wikipedia & weather from your snom phone! There is also an interesting alarm clock app.

Below is a screenshot of the twitter app running on a snom 360. (360 resolution is kind of low, use 370 or higher in reality)

Below is a screenshot of the weather app (running on the snom 870 touch). Just run the app and type in your zip or city name!

Click Here to read more about &  install the apps on your snom phone.

If you want the source code you can link:


  1. The twitter app has been developed using the .Net Framework. The published application is only for demo purpose. The source code is available at


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